Today’s session of my health talk deals with phlegm. There are several health issues to discuss, but today’s session will look at how humans can rid the system of phlegm. Phlegm in the system means the system is not functioning properly, which can eventually lead to catarrh and in some cases, cough. As usual, by the end of this session, we will recommend natural remedies for the fight against phlegm.

How To Remove Phlegm And Treat Sinusitis Naturally


Before we begin, it is imperative to be aware of some foods which, when taken into the body, can generate phlegm, which is generally referred to as mucus building diets (dairy products, excessive intake of plain rice, white, sugar and butter bread, sugary drinks etc). To effectively treat phlegm, one must shy away from these foods.

In treating phlegm effectively in the body, we are going to talk about the following four (4) ingredients from Organic Foods Ghana (Healthy Soul Enterprise). These four natural products deal with a number of diseases, but our target today is sinusitis;

1. Turmeric Powder: This comes with black pepper, in which piperine, an active compound the body needs is found. It also contains curcumin, another important compound needed by the body.

2. Ginger Powder: The ginger powder enhances good blood circulation.

3. Cumin Powder: This is good for people with anaemia. It is also good for blood circulation and memory-booster.

4. Honey: It is trite knowledge that honey is an immune system booster and aids blood circulation in the body.

Usage: The Turmeric powder comes with its spoon. Scoop out one spoonful of the turmeric powder, ginger powder, cumin powder and a teaspoonful of honey into a tea glass. Pour hot water (approximately half of the 250 ml sachet water) into the glass containing the mixture. Then stair the mixture. Now sip it as a beverage. This is done first thing in the morning and before sleep at night. This is your surest bet for the eradication of phlegm from the body. I am a living testimony.

Note: The mixture is not bitter.


There are a lot of testimonies about these products from customers. As I said, I am a living testimony. Watch the video and see for yourself. We encourage you to patronize them and say goodbye to phlegm and its associated complications in the body. In closing, the effectiveness of this natural remedy of eradicating phlegm lies in the combination of turmeric powder, ginger powder, cumin powder and honey which have no side effects.

For more information and purchase, kindly contact the CEO of Organic Foods Ghana on 0240900602.

Thank you.


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